Friday, 5 August 2011

Starboard Tushingham demo day 20-21st August

If you fancy a blast on some of the best windsurfing boards and sails over this weekend bring your harness, and come and have some great fun, at Minnis bay, great sailing and a fun friendly club.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Slingshot Crisis 2011 New Kiteboard

Just had this cheap little gem in, the new slingshot crisis, this board was aimed at the cheap end of the market last year, but it seems for 2011 slingshot have kept the price right down, but added the sliding foot strap arrangement that the misfit has, and in fact the whole construction the board seems to of got whole 2011 feel to it, a little more spring in the core and feels a little more alive. ice that slingshot are treating the newbie to a serious board that will cope with anything that even a good intermediate rider will enjoy. How cheap less than £325 fully loaded, three sizes 134,137 and a 141cm, good product like it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Best GP C kite 2012

Looks like Best will be selling a C shape Kite again soon, looks a little like the vegas with those rounded wing tips, but unlike the north it looks like it will be a 4 line performance kite, maybe give the slingshot fuel a run for it's money, more pictures here
Best Gp C Kite
Best GP C Kite

The new KiteFix movie.

Test winning windsurfing rigs @ a special price

Anyone thinking camber induced sails are too much hassle should try a Lightning – just 5 seconds longer to rig than a rotational but with stunning results on the water over a huge wind range!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Underground Flx 2011 Kiteboard

The new 2011 Flx underground has arrived, and yet again it is really going to turn on those riders that are NOT looking for easy friendly beginner type riding style, the board has the quad concave system underneath so it will channel and push the water down the rails not allowing the rail to lose grip, even when sending the kite hard for a massive boosting air in over powered conditions, the rocker is flattish again not ideal for the rider who wants a slow friendly board, this machine with such a flat rocker line is rapid, again helping those big airs, but you have got to be concentrating or you can stick the nose in. When turning around the quad concave system breaks up the water running underneath the board and sliding the board from rail to rail is easy. If any one wants to get on a board that will frighten you a tad, your all welcome, there is a demo sitting here at Whitstable,